Sunday, March 8, 2009

Once Upon a Time, I was a blogger

Wait, correct me if I'm wrong, the calendar already is showing March 2009?

It's official, I've become just another once-upon-a-time blogger as we now pass time three months into the year 2009. What's new? Everything... really, things change so quickly and my life has become californiacated (not a word).

The last two months have been filled with doing random sales gigs. I was a door-to-door salesmen for about six weeks working 60 hour weeks learning how to convince residential homeowners that they need monitored security on their home. I was an independent contractor for Pinnacle Securities during this time, however I was working for the middleman, a company known as Cydcor which is a marketing firm that does face to face sales for companies such as Pinnacle, AT&T, etc. This was a short-lived career for me as I was putting in many hours and energy and would receive my commission checks days, sometimes weeks, after they were scheduled to arrive. Not very convenient for a young man in debt who needs money for rent when its commission-only.

Great learning experience!

In two weeks since, I've been interviewing for other sales positions and have done pretty well. Looks like I'll begin working for Agent Advantage selling digital advertising and paperclip ad campaigns for real estate agents and brokers next week. I was supposedly going to be offered a position with CBeyond doing business to business sales but was basically not offered the position because I mentioned the book "Four Hour Workweek" at some point in the initial interview for the position that requires 60 hours a week.... time is money Robin, didn't ya know?

Great learning experience!

Life has been quite amusing nonetheless in the first several months of this year as I'm learning the ropes of the U.S. job market on the shoestrings of sales positions. The most recent book that I have to rave about and recommend to anyone who hasn't already read it is "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman. The subtitle of this book states A book that changes lives. True statement. I realized after reading this book that I don't really need that much in life, I'm pretty content with simplicity. Financial independence is still something that I strive for but I believe a more frugal lifestyle can only help me achieve this. I also realized that I would just love to wake up everyday and be a Spanish teacher and an athletic coach (wrestling, football, baseball). I can just hear my Dad saying at home, ''I told you so!" He always claimed he saw me as a coach or teacher, well that is really what would make me happy. However I feel like I have things to accomplish and places to see before I settle into this lifestyle.

Thanks for reading, I put no minutes of planning into this blog post, more of a journal entry for me, getting my thoughts out in the open on the public forum. I promise my coming posts will have more value for you. This was more of a personal blog entry to rid the thoughts, now that I've done that, time for a little meditation, which is always more attainable with a clear mind... or is it the other way? A clear mind is more attainable via meditation, ahh yes what a beautiful cycle, more on this later...

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