Friday, April 8, 2011

The Foreigner with a Smile

He's no Argentine, it's apparent in his facial structure, hair color, wardrobe and funky gringo accent. The looks he attracts are felt from all angles on the streets, in the buses and in the subway systems. We're all people watching, other people watching me... rings Jack Johnson in the earphones. They all take at least two looks up and down, not on purpose. It's more out of genuine curiosity. Look how this stranger dresses, it's not like us, where is he from? The body language is even different. The stranger feels a bit uncomfortable the looks drape his every move. He takes a deep breath, swallows his shaken confidence and throws a nonverbal bomb. It's one that comes unexpectedly and immediately disarms those around him. All of the sudden, the tension the foreigner feels is diffused with this unspoken message. Everything returns to normal and the people feel more accepting to this non-Argentine.

All of this with a simple smile. Some of these people appear as if their facial tissues and muscles have forgotten how to form a smile. All it takes is one dimple to remind them. Why not let the foreigner initiate the good energy... all with a smile :)