Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day 2 of 5/ Pics of San Diego

Who said this cleanse was going to be a piece of cake? No pun intended. It truly is a struggle, I feel a little lightheaded, yet very fluid... literally very full of fluids. A friend of mine told me last night that they had done this same master cleanse and they do it once a year. Their description is that the body feels euphoric by the 4th or 5th day, my patience is truly being tested in anticipation of this physical euphoria.

Yesterday, my exercise level was about the same as usual. I did an hour of muay thai training in the morning and hiked Cowles mountain with my buddy Josh in the evening. A strong sense of hunger hit me when we finished the nearly 3 mile round trip hike. I immediately drank some of the syrup-tasting lemonade with a spicy kick upon the return home. Along with it I drank tons more water, wheat grass capsules and hoodia extract to curb the hunger. I woke up this morning feeling pretty weak yet my body's energy level kicked in once I sipped some of the lemonade supplemented by the psyllium husk, hoodia extract and wheat grass capsules. My hunger soon disappeared. This afternoon, I took a stroll up, down and all around Balboa Park which never ceases to amaze me with its beauty. I've found that being outside and in nature helps keep my attention off the constant discomfort. It has also given me an opportunity to capture some San Diego beauty, view pics at bottom!

Referenced again from the Master Cleanse book, here is what a typical day is like as far as consumption:

1. It’s best to start your day with one of 3 laxatives (psyllium husk, sea salt, or laxative tea) because they’re more effective on a empty stomach. I personally take the psyllium husk in the morning.

2. Next you can make yourself a glass of lemonade using fresh lemons, cayenne pepper, and grade B maple syrup. You can use flavored herbal tea (decaffeinated) for taste and hoodia gordonii to help subdue your hunger if you choose, but it’s optional. You might also want to make a whole days worth of lemonade at this time rather than making it glass by glass. We've made our lemonade the night before for a whole day's supply: 60 oz. of filtered water, 3 squeezed organic lemons, 12 tbsp of the grade B syrup, 1/2 tbsp of cayenne pepper.

3. I like to alternate between a glass of water and lemonade. Remember the goal is to flush out your system so be sure to get plenty of fresh filtered water. Try and drink my body weight in ounces of water, but the more the better.

4. You can take the wheat grass anytime after the first glass of lemonade. I take 5 grams a day, broken up into 2 doses. I personally take 2 capsules 3x a day; morning, afternoon, evening.

5. Throughout the day continue drinking lemonade and water

6. Before bed take another laxative (psyllium husk, sea salt, or laxative tea). This is when I usually take 1/2 tbsp of sea salt and 20 oz. of warm water or the laxative tea.

Once my body fully adjusts in day 3 or 4, the discomfort is supposed to subside, we'll see how it goes, as it is different with all body types.

Here are some pics that I was able to snap last night at Cowles Mtn. and today at Balboa Park:

Trail going up Cowles Mt.

Sunset from Cowles, waiting for Green Flash on St. Patty's Day

Not quite a green flash

Balboa Park, Cathedral in backdrop

Flower's view on 163 and Balboa Park Bridge

Spring Bloom in San Diego


Kitty said...

Great photos. Congrats on the cleanse doing. I am on my 5th day today and I woke up feeling the euphoria. I'm wondering if because you are taking capsules it's activating your digestive acids to break down the capsule? I was under the impression anything that activates the digestive system will create more hunger pangs. And I'm blown away by your activity! It's awesome. I walk up a flight of stairs and I feel as thought I've run a marathon. Another thought is, if you are working out as much as you are, you are probably requiring protein for recovery, and maybe that's activating your hunger as well? This morning I've lost all desire for food. No hunger, and total euphoria. I thought of going for a run but I think I'll meditate instead. Anyway, nice to talk to a fellow cleanser. It's def rewarding.
All the best.

rngerlach said...

Thanks for the comment Kitty. Congrats on being on your 5th day, today is my 4th and I'm beginning to feel great, almost euphoric. My activity level has slowed down a lot. I've been practicing a lot of mediation and yoga to help with my mind control as well. Happy cleansing!