Sunday, October 25, 2009

Painting a New Picture

The canvass is empty and awaiting new brushstrokes. Nearly a year since my return from Argentina, I look to hit the road again. Something about Colorado has been calling me for quite some time. Many have inquired what is inspiring this move, even myself at times. Is it family, outdoors, friends, seasons? It better be something worthy because I have lived in 'America's finest city' for nearly 6 years minus the year in South America.

Is it possible that this place is just too perfect? As a matter of fact, the one complaint I would have against San Diego is that I live one airplane second away from the airport, almost even have the flight pattern memorized by now. Really? That's it? It is true, San Diego really is America's finest city, behind San Francisco in my opinion. What this city has to offer is a year-round perfect climate, friendly people, great cuisine, beaches, deserts, Hollywood and Mexico all within a 2 hour radius. Not to mention I have met some of the most inspiring people here and have amazing friends to write home about. All of this has comprised a wonderful chapter in my book. Its picture is beautiful and complete for right now. Why not view our life as a book or a painting? My understanding is that I am 25 year old chico who likes to explore, learn and find new challenges. Perhaps, with all the beauty in this current chapter labeled San Diego, I am simply ready to turn a page or see the blank canvas once more.

Since I came to San Diego, all that I have learned is that this world has much to offer and I have to take advantage of all that I can and give back while doing so. A sincere and genuine sense of gratitude has been coming over me recently. It has been wonderful and I wouldn't be surprised if I were end up living in America's finest city again someday, until then many more places are out there to explore and learn from. For now, a new journey awaits and shall be approached with goals, open heart and a smile.