Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 3: Master Cleanse

Last night, day 2, was very difficult. An intense hunger set in and I began to feel lightheaded when I was in a communications course with my girlfriend. I immediately drank the last of my daily lemonade along with 2 wheat grass capsules and a hoodia extract capsule. Interestingly, my hunger and lightheaded feelings disappeared and I felt an energy increase. This is an example of this master cleanse bringing a more conscious awareness to the body's inner workings. Discomfort set in last night around 11pm so I knew toxins were being stirred around in my body.

I woke up six times to urinate during the night, yes 6 times. This didn't frustrate me too much since I knew it was the toxins leaving the body. Today our lemonade drink was detoured for several hours since I realized I had purchased Grade A maple syrup for our mix today so I had to make a run to Henry's market to buy the hard-to-find organic Grade B maple syrup. Low and behold they didn't have any but the lady helping me knew I was on the master cleanse and suggested a lower-priced Agave Nectar. It supposedly has the same nutrients as Grade B maple syrup. It does have a different taste however it is a good economic replacement for the syrup. The reason why the diet can't contain Grade A syrup is because of the sugar content is much higher in Grade A.

Today I feel pretty good as my energy level is somewhat higher than yesterday. I increased my detoxification by soaking in the bath tub with Eucalyptus bath salts for 20 minutes. Eucalyptus bath salts or even epsom salts ease physical discomfort and draw toxins through the pores. It was a pretty neat experience to see the skin prespire so much of the toxins out, you may call me crazy but it really was interesting.

Supposedly the first 3 days are the most difficult on the master clease so I'm looking forward to how my body has adjusted by tomorrow. I'm considering pressing for 7 days depending on how I feel day 5. For now, I'll take it step-by-step...


Mike said...

The reason you should use Grade B or higher is not only more sugar in Grade A, but Grade A has less nutrients.

rngerlach said...

You're absolutely right Mike, thanks for commenting I appreciate it. I neglected to mention the difference in nutrient content which is most important in this cleanse as I'm finding out day by day. I was told the Agave nectar had the same nutrition content as Grade B syrup, if you know different please let me know.