Sunday, March 22, 2009

Final Day of Cleanse and its Immediate Gratification

The Master Cleanse Ingredients, my best friends for 5 days

Theoretically the Master Cleanse is designed for ten days. However, this being our first cleanse, Dani and I elected to begin with a five day detox. The continuous consumption of syrup-tasting lemonade with a spicy kick has run its course of purifying the body. On the fifth day of the cleanse, my energy level had increased immensely since the second and third day. My agenda on Saturday wasn't necessarily for emotional stability.

I made a nice two hour drive up the coast to Santa Ana to attend the funeral services of my Uncle Clifford Stanley Olof. I found great joy in witnessing what I had previously not known of a life lived in good faith and honor by Uncle Cliff. He loved to fly airplanes, fix cars in the backyard and shop at thrift stores and swap meets for the best deal. On his last day of life, he flew an airplane and passed away right in front of a thrift store, doing what he loved to do. I wish the rest of the Olof family and friends the best in finding peace at this time.

On the drive back from the funeral services, I noticed my energy level had remained relatively high even after a morning filled with sorrow. By the time night came, I went with some buddies to watch live Muay Thai fights, which gave me a greater appreciation for the sport. By the time 9pm arrived, my energy level was still surprisingly high. My body had adjusted to the new diet and I realized why it was designed for ten days. However, my taste buds and palette were ready for something other than lemonade. Additionally, my renewed energy yielded a renewed anticipation to resume physical activity.

We began easing out of the cleanse this morning by consuming 2 glasses of orange juice to bring up our glucose levels and prepare our body to consume foods. Though we started light with blueberries, yogurt and granola. The yogurt is especially beneficial in providing the body with probiotic bacteria which is the good bacteria to help the stomach prepare for more digestion of solid foods. Lunch comprised of a light salad and bread with olive oil. Then I consumed an apple, yerba mate and gatorade before I played a game of soccer with some Brazilian and Mexican friends. It felt great to play again, reminding me of being back in Argentina hearing the constant chatter of 'trash talk' in espanol. My flexibility has noticeably increased since the cleanse. Though, I tired out quickly, it has been a long time since my body felt that light and elastic performing any exercise. Dinner tonight consisted of creamy tomato soup with basil and bread. My consumption of H2O was equivelant to each day on the cleanse, 160 oz. Another interesting observation is that my body has absolutely no soreness after the 45 minute game of futbol, hmmm.. how does that cleanse sound now athletes?

Choosing between my tomato soup w/bread and the lemonade wasn't too difficult, no more lemonade for quite some time...

What is/was the best part of the cleanse?

My favorite part of this was not eating solid foods.... Sense the sarcasm. Really, my favorite part was/is the feeling of a renewed energy in the body. Additionally, my nasal cavity has never felt this clear, it really feels like a system reset in all facets of my inner workings. My favorite ingredient was the wheat grass capsule, provided noticeable energy increase. Alternatively, detoxifying through the skin by soaking in eucalyptus bath salts was a great excuse to treat the body to a realxing bath, this can be useful even after a long or stressful day.

What is/was the worse part of the cleanse?

Getting whiffs of food, any kind, while continuously searching for some justification of doing this while slurping down the syrupy lemonade with a kick. The salt water cleanse was gag-worthy as well. For good reason I've never met anyone who fancies chugging lukewarm salt water, mmm.

What was learned from the Master Cleanse?

I learned a significant amount about the mechanics of my body. My consciousness has greatly shifted to my body as well, as I noticed myself slowly consuming my meals today and really enjoying the taste and process of eating.

Do I recommend the Master Cleanse?

Absolutely! Save your health, cleanse yourself.


KRISTIN said...

Cleansing with SYROP??? Wow, first time I hear something like this, must be something American LOL...
BTW, You look good too, one can tell you feel great ;))

Jason Adams said...

I just spent an hour of my life reading your blog. Good stuff - glad to find it Robin.

rngerlach said...

Kristin! Best of luck on your cleanse, I'm sure you'll feel as great as I do afterward.
Jason. Thanks for spending your time reading through my blog, I'd love to hear any suggestions to improve my writing or ways to add more value to readers. Welcome back amigo!

KRISTIN said...

Please look up this thing
Maybe you want to join?


Vince said...

Wow... you did the Cleanse program...

More power to you dude! Not sure if I can sacrifice meat for more than a couple of hours... haha

But may need to try this sometime in the future!

effie said...

Sounds great, I did try it too and had great benefits from it.