Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tapping Back into Blogosphere

Hola World! Yeah hi, Robin here tapping back into the blogosphere. Sipping on yerba mate and looking out of my studio window at the sun-christened buildings of downtown San Diego. All this combined with some of my favorite music (Manu Chao) calls for time of reflection and an update on la pura vida.

The last four months have been encapsulated by the whirlwinds of constant change. It never ceases to interest me how change is one of the toughest concepts for humans beings to accept. Do you ever find yourself contemplating where you are relative to 365 days ago? Upon my personal reflection, I see myself one year ago being fully accustomed to an Argentine lifestyle well consumed by futbol, La Bomba and good vino in the depths of winter residing in San Telmo. Today I see myself enjoying every moment of this day-off from the weekly hustle. A time where I also see myself consumed by the American dream ($) often working 60-70 hours a week. My sanity escape has become the beautiful sport of Muay Thai, hiking, running and most other exercise. Until now, writing has obviously escaped my priority list. My new home is in the heart of San Diego in a studio surrounded by downtown, the San Diego Bay and Balboa Park.

I find myself observing the metaphysical flow of energy and rhythm of each day. Perhaps learning a Martial Art has brought about this new perspective. Whether I'm working (outside sales) or relaxing, observing the rhythms and energy flow of people is fascinating. It's madness witnessing the up and down emotional rollercoaster that can be caused by a career in sales, a true test of personal craft in its own respect. Equally interesting to witness is how we humans sometime create closer bonds when physically far (thank the world wide web), yet can also create distance the closer we physically become. I see you sitting there wondering what the hell I'm writing about. It was never guaranteed that my new-found revelations and perspective will make any sense, but I share anyways.

The constant change in life has taught me gratitude for what is in my life now. One week, we may be able to visit one of our best family friends, the next week they're no longer with us due to illness, RIP Jerry. No matter how happy or sad our emotions leave us at this moment, the belief that it will soon be the contrary due to new change helps aid in acceptance of whatever we are currently feeling.

Maybe the beauty of today is that we never know what will really occur tomorrow. Life is an incredible classroom and is deserving of our full gratitude.