Monday, May 3, 2010

West C O A S T I N....

Our time in San Diego was great, stayed with Uncle Donn and Reed decided to fly in and join us to truly road trip all that is CalifornIA. With a feeling of extreme gratitude for all of the hospitality we were shown in San Diego by Uncle Donn and in Los Angeles by Jason, who let us camp in the backyard of his posh pad in Hollywood Hills. Camping in Hollywood Hills?? Yes, leave it to the mountain boys.

The Garmin navigator on the dash of the Element confirms that we are indeed heading North on the Pacific Coast Highway (Hwy 1). This is a drive every capable U.S. citizen should do in their lifetime.

Highway 1 becomes a coastal highway built right into the side of a mountain over-looking the Pacific Ocean once you pass San Luis Obispo going North. We're in no hurry whatsoever towards our destination of Big Sur, just south of Monterrey. Fortunately for me, I got to captain this drive up the winding road where a speed of 45 mph was not exceeded for nearly 200 miles. The only words that keep coming out of my jaw-dropped mouth are, "wow! This is the coolest drive I've ever done." At first, I may have been exaggerating. With every passing mile and winding turn, my two passengers agree that this is the most beautiful drive any of us have experienced. By the time we're about 40 miles South of Big Sur, we stop the vehicle for the 4th, maybe 5th time to take it all in.

Yes, I am one happy captain on this drive with big Blue to my left...

How does it get any better we repeatedly ask each other, only to be amazed by what's around the next turn. Wait a second, is that California's only coastal waterfall? Yup, sure is... here we are.

This sure doesn't feel like California anymore, these paradise images resemble what you may see of coastal Mexico or the Carribean, but Cali? Well, this is why Highway 1 is a must-do!

The pictures don't really do justice to the beauty of this coastal drive. Visual sensory overload now takes in and we arrive to Big Sur at about 5pm, just in time to park and take the 0.5 mile hike to our campspot, nestled about 0.4 miles from the ocean.

It turns out we didn't prepare very well for our fire since the area was so damp and moist once the sun set, we struggled for over an hour trying to get a fire started and exhausted all of our resources. We were fighting a losing battle as the wood we bought was water-logged, fire pit was damp and the surrounding air was at about 90% humidity by sunset. All this simply meant is even us Colorado boys who trive on camping (in a much drier climate) were defeated by a wet mother-nature. Big Sur 1- us 0. What to do with no fire in a swamp-like evening?.. Bedtime indeed.

San Francisco awaits us tomorrow, until then we experience our first camping experience slathered in a layer of dew with extra moist dew on top, no moisturizers necessary here. Hasta manana!