Monday, March 8, 2010

Days in Seasons, Seasons in Days

"Rised this morning and smiled with the sun, oh I'm blessed. Another day has begun. Everything in life has its purpose and its reason, it has its season." -Ziggy Marley

The windows of the Honda civic filled with fog as usual on the drive down from the ski area last night. Defrost had its usual waiting period then kicked in. Just another day of driving down Monarch pass in a snowstorm, this has become as consistent as rush hour traffic in Los Angeles. The defrost finally did its work and I noticed something different... is that rain? Indeed! The winter months are winding down and seem ready to spring anew. The snowfall at the ski area has become much more wet and slushy, brought on by warmer temperatures. The days are lasting longer and the sunshine is now greeting me in the early morning hours, whereas I used to awake in pure darkness. The changing of the seasons each day draws out enthusiasm for summertime in the mountains.

Winter days have been quiet and somewhat introspective. I've managed to successfully limit distractions and live a very simple life this winter; working on the mountain, thawing from the cold day in the sauna, no cable television, reading and maintaining physical activity with basketball, snowboarding and some soccer each week. What hasn't been limited is the amount of changing seasons each day. I've seen sunshine followed by snowstorms within several minutes and back again. The changing of seasons is very underestimated and I realize how much I had missed it when living in a paradise-like climate of San Diego. Warm sunny weather carries more weight in a land where the snow cloud looms.

The extra minute or so sunshine each day hasn't gone unnoticed since the Winter Solstice. I am fortunate enough to witness the rising and setting of the sun each day. The sunrises here are shared with few, 'tis special my friends!

Snowflakes, sunshine, winds, cold nights and warm afternoons... I've enjoyed them all and appreciate what winter represents. Although winter may be unbearable for some, its very necessary. Some animals hibernate from it and plants die from it, only to spring new life in the coming months. Everything and everyone has its reason and its season. I only hope you can find the beauty in even your winters, whether internal or external. No matter how sunny or stormy it is.. fear not, it will change very soon.

"New life makes losing life easier to understand"