Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vamos Obama!

I forewarn you, this will be my only piece of political writing on this blog. Whether you agree or disagree is fine with me, I´m just throwing my views into the mix... Isn´t that what all bloggers and even journalists do anyways??

Upon receiving the news that Obama has finally received that magic number of super-delegate vote and Hillary conceded, finally, a rush of excitement hit me.

A fresh face running for the White House!

It wasn´t much of a surprise to see that Obama was greeted hastily by his next opponent in his run for Presidency, Republican nominee John McCain. As if the continuous Tuesday-to-Tuesday battle between Hillary and Barack wasn´t enough. Now begins the real media frenzy in the race to the White House. Politics to me are like who´s the most popular kid on the playground. I ask anyone who really truly cares and follows this race until November to keep track of how many times McCain uses Obama´s lack of political experience as his advantage. Thank you Señor McCain, this is exactly one of the reasons I like Obama, he´s a fresh face and offers a new perspective to American politics. He hasn´t been in the game long enough to be fully tainted. I respect McCain´s history and being a POW in Vietnam and his long history in politics but as a person who has travelled and met many citizens of the globe outside of the US of A, a new perspective on our political playground has formed in my mind. It should be understood that the country needs a person who has actually lived outside of the country to offer an objective view.

Both Obama and McCain have policies that I like and dislike that I will not get into now but I wanted to offer my one piece of political opinion in the beginning of this political popularity contest marathon. After the Election of 2000, won by Al Gore... I mean Jeb.. I mean George Dubbya and the 2004 Election I do understand that whoever plays the game best between now and November will be the next President. Unless the landscape of American politics has changed and its truly about who´s most intelligent to take office, then I stand by my view that Republicans just play the game of politics better than Democrats. Not to say that either party is more intelligent than the other because when it comes to this game, its not about intelligence, its about who´s more likeable at any point in time.

What I really respect about Obama is he has yet to lay personal attack on any candidate´s history mishaps. From what I´ve seen, he´s only discussed policy on issues that really matter. What a concept? Either way after the last 8 years of the infamous Bush Administration, I do feel truly sorry for whomever is the next President as they have a large mess to clean up (No-end war against terrorism, all-time record national budget deficit, downward economy, etc.) After-all maybe a young, untested politician is really what it takes to have the energy for this cleaning process.

Anyways, I am refraining from writing anymore on this topic and I welcome any replies that discredit my views with facts or any opinions because essentially, these are only opinons. The only fact here is that 30 seconds of research went into this blog post. So please call the O´Reilly Factor for me and get the facts since I´m out of the country.

After all its all just a game in the end anyways right? Just ask John Stewart and Steven Colbert. Let´s have some fun with it!


Joshua said...

I have purposely not kept track of the race for the nomination but now that it has been decided I think I will. I sort of feel like it does not really matter who is president, it is the congress that is crucial to keeping him in check.

jRags said...

Im really glad to hear I am not the ONLY person not following the race.. I did feel the same way when I heard Obama won the nomination - noticed I have started listening A LITTLE more closely already. but its hard to listen with all the BS commentary we get in our fine journalistic society we live in =(

KRISTIN said...

Here (in Estonia) they say Obama is a bit of an oportunist (to say the least) and his and McGain's views aren't so different at all. The political observers here think that Obama will have to desert some of his election pledges after being elected because they are not realistic enough.

KRISTIN said...

opportunist* (sorry, it's with one "p" in Estonian ;))