Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What is Buenos Aires Really Like?

Skimming the the NY Times today especially caught my eye since I found a perfect description of my current home. I couldn´t have explained the city I now reside any better. The author of this article does write for a living and has lived in Buenos Aires seven more years than I have. Everything she explains in the article seems to be a microcosm of my short-lived seven month hiatus in Capital Federal (Buenos Aires). If you are genuinely curious about what this city is truly like, please take 10 minutes of your day to read this article.

She mentions in one part of the article how it takes a while to settle down in an eternally unsettled place. This is exactly how I felt attempting to settle myself into this city that is never really settled itself. Buenos Aires is truly a place which keeps you on your toes, I still see things here that surprise the hell out of me. The only certainty seems to be that nothing is certain from the government to the economy to the citizens.

With all of this said, this city has surprisingly grown on me in the last few months and I´ve developed an unfamiliar pride in the country itself... especially the national futbol team. I´m riding Argentina all the way to the World Cup in South Africa 2010!


KRISTIN said...

I will have to read this article when I have free 10 minutes LOL.. I mean when I'm not too tired of English and can concentrate again :P
I like it that you mention "futbol", which is the real football, of course, not that thing you play in the USA which reminds more of street fighting or something. I've always wondered why you even call it football - you mostly seem to carry the ball in your hands, right?

PS What does it mean - "I´m riding Argentina all the way to the World Cup in South Africa 2010!" The word "riding" in this context confuses me a lot.

rngerlach said...

Kristin, thank you sincerely for your comments. In this context ¨riding¨ signifies ¨riding their bandwagon¨ which is a saying that simply means I´m another one of their fans and I will continue to support them all the way leading up to the World Cup 2010. Thanks for the questions and comments!

KRISTIN said...

OK. Thanks for clearing that out for me :) I thought it might be something like that but wanted to be sure :)