Sunday, June 1, 2008

June in Winter Slows me to Reflection Period

Winter has officially arrived here in the southern hemisphere, I strangely forgot what the cold can be like since I practically lived a year straight of summer season. My daily 20-block to and from work brings back silly memories of walking to and from school as a kid in the blistering cold winters of Colorado. The cold here is a bit different in that it is dense with humidity. Ask the people of the northeast US, humid cold is much worse than the dry cold that nestles the Rocky Mountains.

I woke up today and it hit me that June 1st has arrived and exactly one year ago, my brother and I started our journey through Europe. Wow! Then my mind started wandering freely back into the memories of the last year in my life. Furthermore, I realized that my residence in Buenos Aires has hit its six-month mark as well. Most travelers I meet along the way say once you've been in one place for more than six-months you might as well consider it home. Home until October at least. It's been a great day of reflection on what has happened in the last year. The education bestowed upon myself since college graduation has been phenomenal and it truly lies in the day-to-day life of meeting people from all over the world. My cooking recipe has picked up some new treats, the musical ears have been exposed to many new genres, and I have even managed to pick up a new language along the way.

The day of reflection could deliver several pages of literature, but today I'll keep it short and simple. I really used this reflection to think about those people in my life in past and present. It's amazing how much the lives of all my friends have changed as well. Some of my friends have just graduated from University and so begins their new educational chapter as well. Some of my friends are living very happily and successfully for such a young age and reap new knowlege everyday. Some other friends are living in other parts of the world experiencing their own worldly education. It's such a pleasure to catch up with friends and family, the few times it happens, to see how they are passing time.

How fortunate I really am to be where I am at this point in my life. Thank you friends and family and I will have more to post in this second half of the year residence in Argentina.


jRags said...

your welcome man - thank you for sharing the last year in your various blogs my friend. You should put up a link to the Europe adventures - I have been thinking about going back and re-reading them myself!

Just think my friend - you will get to experience a winter in a totally new place unlike Salida or San Diego.! I hope you can find some good experiences out of it - Im sure you will!

Michael said...

Definite "Salud" to being here in South America for the last 6 months. I agree with you as well, this last year has been an absolutely incredible out of class crash course in world culture.

I too really enjoyed your European chronicles. It's crazy to think how much has changed after one year; How much people have changed, evolved - for the better!

"Let the world change you and you can change the world."

Salud a La Pura Vida