Monday, January 18, 2010

Ten 2010 Resolutions/Goals

Eighteen days into the new year, I realized I really haven't voiced my resolutions or goals. It has long been stated that those who write down their goals or share them with others are more likely to achieve them due to being held accountable. Thus let's hop right into it since we only have 347 days and counting left in 2010, don't blink, the 2011 countdown is right around the corner. The lag period is the catalyst to my first resolution...

Numero uno: Write down or share my ideas, goals and objectives

Numero deuce: Take pressure off of life-changing decisions. Many of us may become stressed from periods in which no direction or yellow-brick road is laid out. However, some of my best decisions have come from periods of down time or low stress.

Numbero 3: Climb and summit five 14,000 foot peaks.

Cuatro: Return to South America, either short-term or indefinitely, to help my friend BJ pioneer his bike tour business =>

Numbero 5: Maintain physical well-being by continuing yoga practice, bike and/or run combined 10 miles per week and other cross training activities once per week (soccer, basketball, wrestling, muay thai)

Numero Six: Discover Spanish literature/poetry. Just another way to stay engaged in my favorite language and one that has always interested me

Numero 7: See 2 countries I haven't seen yet

Ocho: Create a new blog that captures 100 more readers by March 2011.

Numero 9: Rediscover my passion for photography. Photography was a hidden passion while in South America and I neglected it for the most part of 2009, time to capture more moments.

10: To live each moment of every day with a habit of happiness knowing that the year 2010 is just one of many and the most important part of this year or this lifetime is today, here and now.

I wish you all the best in 2010 may you have personal success, health and happiness!

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johnny chan said...


Dropped in on your blog and read too many posts while on company time. haha. Wonderful resolutions and an amazing outlook. I feel inspired after reading your blog. I'm happy for you my friend.

Keep dropping your thoughts here more often. :)