Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HappYness in a Snowflake

Peeking out the front window after waking to the 5:30am alarm, snowflake upon snowflake accumulate in the dark morning air. The taste of the yerba mate is a bit more sweet this morning indeed. The first gasp of morning air coats the respiratory system and quickly turns on the brain. Upon arrival to the local ski area, Monarch Mountain, the energy of friends and employees is abnormally positive. "Powder day!" echoes through the lodge as many share an understanding that today is going to be epic.

The frosty precipitation passes time more peacefully, people carry smiles and hot cocoas knowing the 'fluff' is collecting and awaiting new tracks. Welcome to winter in ski-bum country Colorado. Time slows with the cold and some days few thoughts occupy the mind because of its numbed effort to retain body heat.

Whether it can be found in a snowflake, a grain of sand or a mind-muting sunrise, happiness fulfills its subjective meaning in the simplest of things that are often taken for granted. Being open to the even the simplest of gratifications can bring one more smile a day, which is worth it isn't it?

Today, what is your snowflake?

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