Saturday, February 16, 2008

Power Tends to Corrupt; Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

I remember the day sitting in my squeeky chair my sophomore year of high school thinking of the plans for Friday night. It was the class before lunch, which many of you remember in high school not much was retained in our learning process at this time because of the hunger-caused impatience. There stood one of the most well-known, respected instructors of our high school, Mr. Sanger, in full animation spouting off history to actually make it sound interesting. Then he said what he claimed to be the most important phrase to remember from his class, "power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely." This was originally quoted by Lord Acton, an English historian and moralist. Mr. Sanger rebuked our clueless responses by promising that if we didn't understand it then, we would come across this realization someday.

I encountered the phrase again the other day as I was watching a well-touted streamed video on the internet. The video was recommended by several of my good friends and their description definitely caught my attention. If you have a free two hours in your busy lives, take a look at Those who created this film offer interesting insight on the truth of religion, September 11th conspiracy, and the underlying and scary potential of the Federal Reserve Bank. To stave off any potential religious debates, let's focus on the latter two. Quite simply the message of the film claims that the parties invested in the Federal Reserve Bank, which to my surprise or ignorance, is a privately run institution created by the nation's wealthiest, among others being the Rockefeller family. The money supply generated by the Federal Reserve puts the U.S. in position as the primary borrower of loans from the Fed. The minds behind this film offer bits of evidence to show that those vested in the Central Bank have been involved in provoking wars to cause the country to take out large loans to fund the war. The evidence shown in the film claim that these motives are what provoked our entry into WWII, Vietnam, and our current War on terrorism.

In lieu of not spoiling any more of this must-see film, I'll leave the rest up to you to decide the truth. Personally, I don't feel informed enough on all sides of the research to offer a legitimately informed opinion either way. This film has definitely sparked my interest to do more research on the true relationship between the central banking system and the world's political leaders. Also important for us to remember is where we receive our information. Many of our news providers today are under government control through the FCC, thus, is it possible that our nightly news is tuning citizens in to stories tailored for covering up the Federal Reserve's real intentions? It may seem like a stretch, but we should see that it's worth further personal investigation, in the least to be more informed individuals.

So what would you do if you had absolute power, would you be subject to absolute corruption? A great question to ponder for any of you future leaders.


KIT said...

I will definitely watch that movie, thanks. Yes, power corrupts and people with morals can't (and maybe don't want to) get any real power anyway. You have to be "corruptable" to get to power and/or to get big money.
Have you heard about "raising vibration" of all mankind/world lately? It's starting to make sense to me, thought it was some sick fantasy before.. I guess we can't continue in old ways any longer.
/sorry for my English, it's not my native language/

rngerlach said...

Thanks for feeding the blog Kit, I haven't seen 'raising vibration' I'll have to check it out though most certainly. What is your native language?

KIT said...

Estonian, I bet you've never even heard about it, one of the Fenno-Ugric languages. English is real hard for me due to quite different grammar :)