Monday, December 17, 2007

A taste of home via ESPN Monday Night Football

Sitting in my apartment very satisfied after eating some Chorizo and drinking fine wine from Mendoza, Argentina, I change the channel from futbol de Argentina to NFL football. Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings, big deal right? I must admit, I love watching Monday Night Football in Argentina just because of the commentators. No talk of the undefeated New England Patriots, no talk of Michael Vick, no talk of Terrell Owens, no talk of the Miami Dolphins finally jumping into the win column. Granted, my understanding of Spanish isn't up to par, I can steal understand that they're only commentating about the players and teams in the current game. What a concept! If and when I ever return to the good ol' US of A, I vow to watch all football games in SAP Espanol. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Did I mention the chorizo and fine wine? One thing you can't escape in Argentina is delicious food and good wine. I find myself saying 'Que rico' after every meal here. Que rico= How delicious or rich tasting. Argentina is known for its delicious meat, fine wine and cheap leather. Oh, how could I forget the tango? If you're a vegetarian, I would recommend you choose another country to visit. The steak, chorizo, and red meat here are the best I've had. It's easy to clean the palette with the red wine from Mendoza. I have yet to buy myself a good priced leather jacket. Maybe I'll give the leather pants a try for my next tango class, there's a first for everything.

This last Sunday evening was our second tango class and I think I might have the basics covered and am ready for level two, only with my leather outfit that is. From my immediate rookie experience in dancing the tango, it seems much more difficult for the woman, her steps are more complicated but the male partner must guide her through the steps. My balance has always been exceptionally well but my transitioning on the dance floor is rather choppy. Only time and practice will tell if its my calling, spare the laughs.

Much of today was spent trying to get our tourist visa for Brazil as we will be flying to Florianopolis, Brazil to ring in 2008. Our search for the Brazilian visa will wait another day as we did not have all of the correct paperwork. It would have been nearly $40 cheaper to get the Brazilian visa in the states, preparation counts! At least we now know what paperwork we need for tomorrow to experience a Brazilian New Year's celebration. We also plan on going to another barbecue with some friends. At least two times a week, we attend and Argentine Barbacoa. Good time to socialize with locals, practice Spanish, and of course eat steaks and chorizo. I only have one teaching lesson this week at Bristol Meyers Squibb. When they say Holiday vacations here, they mean it, work is very slow everywhere right now. Yet, much of our time has been spent studying Castellano, our knowledge of this large city, and our tango skills! Back to the game with da Vikings y da Bears. Oh yeah, the commentators here say Da Bears, top that Kornheiser

Please excuse me as I get back to futbol americano, eating this fresh fruit, and drinking more wine.


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jRags said...

Glad to see your enjoying the dancing.. after reading about the food it made me remember all the Argentinian and Venezuelan steak houses in Amsterdam.. should have tried one!!

Hope you get the Visa soon man!