Friday, December 14, 2007

Flip Your World

What started as a decision via text message to flip our world completely and start over where the days of the year represent the opposite context. I look forward to writing more as I have occupied most of my time getting accustomed to our new life in the 9th largest city of the world and largest of Argentina. The Argentine Spanish, Castallano as they call it here, differs quite a bit from the Spanish language of Spain and Mexico. We've already tested our balance and coordination with tango classes. Tango, aside from futbol, is one of the most beautiful arts of physical talent in Argentina. Observing the expert tango dancers is one of the most fascinating experiences I've had.

I intend to portray my blog as how to start a new life in a different culture with limited financial resources and contacts. Two weeks into our life here, the network has grown from 1-15 in our new sleek old school Nokia cell phones (movil). Everyday is a new experience. Our conditioned minds are so interested in Christmas festivities taking place in 'Fourth of July' weather. Look forward to the ups, downs and all in between. I greatly appreciate comments and replies to my posts whether to offer advice on my writing, offer contrary opinions, or just to show interest and feed the blog.

Happy Holidays!


jRags said...

Glad to see you got this set up man.. its crazy to think of how something as simple as a text message can change your life.

Jack and I planned our trip to Amsterdam after I got baked as hell and called him up from Alabama and asked if he wanted to go... you know the rest of the story after that... crazyness

keep us updated! miss you man!

Nick said...

Did you know....A law exists in Argentina, where the use of foreign words which have a literal Spanish expression on billboards, signs, in the media and official messages is forbidden. This law is mainly supposed to protect the national language from English influences....Thought I'd feed the blog a little. I hope your write more when you get the chance. I would like to hear more about how you found a place to stay, how you met new people, etc. Hope you're having a blast homie. Talk to you soon.

Joshua said...

I am excited to start reading this blog after I enjoyed your european adventures blog so much. I hope all is well and I look forward to reading the updates. Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!

BigBrother said...

Hope the paperwork situation works out for the Brazilian visas. It would be a shame to have to spend New Year's in Buenos Aires. The only thing worse would be getting hit by pyroclastic waves of liquid-hot magma from an exploding volcano... probably. I guess Aspen is not a bad place to spend New Year's eve. The water does really does flow like wine, but the French really aren't all that bad.

I am supposed to get Karina's cotact info to you (She can't seem to get back to Aspen). Or maybe I'll get your contact info to Veronica. She asked how you are adapting.

Tell us about the X-mas atmosphere. It would be cool to experience a legitimate cultural celebration. Over here, you feel guilty if you don't get everybody on your list the latest i-pod accessories. Commerce, what a crime. They actually market socks for i-pods. Socks. Merry Christmas.

I'd rather spend the Holidays in Funky Town.
Get Down.