Thursday, May 9, 2013

Adventura- Guay: El principio

It started like anything, as an idea to get out of the city and cover some real ground on two wheels.  The coast of Uruguay called our attention through various tales told by amigos, a curiosity to explore more lands via la bici.  Originally, we planned to do this trip in April of 2012. It was like an unrealistic dream due to lack of expenses and large workload.  We pushed it up a year. We who..?

Amit Patel: funny, charming, sarcastic buddy from San Francisco, CA.  He's been a brother since la universidad.  It had been too many years since we've reunited. He's a true wiseguy, literally speaking.
Amit's model shot on the dunes of Cabo Polonio, Uruguay
Jason Adams: lively, spontaneous, vibrant Jason Adams from east coast of the US of A, Asia and now currently residing in San Francisco.  He loves travel and inspires us to travel more and live more in the moment. Just the perfect dude to have around. ''Adventura Guay." JA
Jason, prepped and ready in Montevideo, Uruguay
Willi Whit: Also known as BJ, Guille, Will, uncle.  The idea man, the reason Biking BA exists.  You can spot him riding with no hands down Ave. Santa Fe with a big smile. Someday, this man will fly!
Willi taking a break outside of Aguas Dulces, Uruguay
Myself: Aka Binho, Colo, Red.  I'm one lucky dude.
Smile upon arrival to Montevideo, Uruguay
...So we pushed it to April 2013.  One more year of growth for each of us and we can better prepare for this.  Amit comes two weeks separated from getting a cast off for a broken wrist. Jason arrives with fresh wounds after a recent crash, training for the trip riding the streets of San Francisco.  Speaking of streets of SF, check out our friends who run Streets of San Francisco Bike Tours.

There were four of us. But who's going to take care of us?  Enter, Brett Rezek, yes it's a girl with a boy's name, get over it.  She's amazing and was perfect for this trip. She always has food with her and makes amazing trail mixes.  She also resides from Colorado, Durango to be exact.  Brett has been with us at Biking Buenos Aires since November 2011.  The longest tenured employee we've had, she has earned this trip with us.
Brett finding a puppy on the side of the road, outside of La Paloma, Uruguay
There were five of us. But wait, someone has to jump on board spontaneously to make this trip exciting right?  Enter Anish Shah, friend of Amit and Jason. He so happens to be in Buenos Aires and very intrigued by this journey. He hops the boat from BA to Montevideo with us without even having a bike. The plan was to be in Montevideo one night and take off the next day in the afternoon, leaving Anish 16 hours to find a bike.
Anish after scoring his bike and helmet from a guy in our hostel in Montevideo, Uruguay

Let the adventure begin...

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