Sunday, April 25, 2010

Desert trails

Just 40 miles west of Gila Bend, Arizona, the Saguaros in my rearview mirror provide a pleasant, friendly foreground to the fading desert mountains.


Yes, friendly! See them waving to us?

Wow, we just realize we've never seen this desert decorated with such fresh vegetation and blooming flowers. {Deserts recommended time of year to travel, Springtime!}

I've never really appreciated the desert setting to the extent that my friends and family have. As we sit in this Blue Honda Element coasting the hot desert interstate, I now see its beauty. Yes, you desert, you won me over on this drive. Even with your gusting winds catching every square inch of the box-like Element and creating challenging conditions for my captain here, Dana. Killer Dana, they call him. I know him as my brother but for many, a long story awaits those curious of how he got such a nickname. You should see him on the dancefloor... and I digress.

Here we are, on Interstate 8 Westbound towards San Diego from Tucson. Wow, what a trip that wedding was. All you need to know is that both sides of the wedding were Irish, 'nuff said. Top o the mornin to ye! Perhaps it's the remnants of an Irish Wedding weekend in the desert that resembles all the symptoms of a hangover on this drive. Regardless, this is a beautiful drive, blue skies with Walt Disney-shaped clouds and a rainbow on the ground with every color of the spectrum illuminated through wild desert flowers.

We chase the sun at a rate of 75 miles per hour and are all smiles..

The wind finally calms with every inch the sun creeps towards the horizon

We approach San Diego and my new appreciation for deserts settles into my skin. The ideal beginning to a road trip. Now lets see what the coast offers for us 'Zonies'! (a term San Diegans use for Arizona visitors who flood the coast every summer to escape the desert heat)

How do you do San Diego?

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