Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Case of Writer's Block

I am a victim or am I the cause of my own disease? It has been some time since my thoughts, initiative or concentration have spurred me to jot down some information or insights about my new lifestyle. No light bulbs have suddenly sparked my neurons to upload any witty posts or interesting revelations. Yes, if any of this sounds familiar to you, it is nothing more than a serious case of writer’s block OR better yet….. laziness, perhaps.

Justifying my lack of blog initiative by writer's block is a mere cop out, as if nothing interesting or informative for readers has come over Buenos Aires like a dark cloud. Speaking of clouds, it has been rainy season here in the Argentine capital. Maybe it was the Seattle-like weather here clouding my imagination or initiative to write. Ha, yeah can't you just hear Bill Gates and Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, laughing at this accusation. Both residents of Seattle.

The latest life of Robin here in Buenos Aires includes running the urban jungle of Buenos Aires, being 'schooled' on the field playing futbol with Argentines and Europeans, testing my rhythm taking salsa lessons, becoming more fluent in Spanish, testing new diets and much more.

Yes, in case you were wondering I will elaborate in more detail on each of these plus more on the English teaching front, by the way, teaching employees Business English has more perks than the lavish peso wage. Much more to come on the blog, thank you for your patience with my latest disease of .... lazynitis.

Ok we're back to reality!

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Joshua said...

Brother, I feel your pain, I went through the same thing this last month or so and I totally blamed the weather!