Thursday, January 3, 2008

Opening 2008 Brazilian Style

Eyes burning, mind tired, writing this blog off no sleep in the last 36 hours, yet my heart if filled with full joy from the amazing six days spent in Brazil. It was a six-day span filled with surfing, drinking caipirinhas, body and soul resonating in hammocks, hiking through the forests from beach to beach, and meeting the beautiful people that inhabit the island of Florianopolis, Brazil. Our day of arrival was spent at our hostel meeting people from Germany, Peru, Chile, Spain, Argentina, and Brazil. We all found common bond in admiration of the positive energy radiated throughout the island. I have never been in such a state of peace for such an extended time and feel there was no better way to welcome a turning of the annual calendar. Our second day, we tested our surfing skills in the waves off of Barra do Lagoa, the northern beach of the island and village of our hostel. We then hiked a trail to the other side of the island to the natural swimming pools while encountering many different animals on the hillside. Then we immersed with the locals more that night by going to a small club on the trail to the piscinas naturales. However I wasn't expecting the samba dancing lessons that we would receive from the locals, a true test of allowing the body flow to the music in a rhythm as exotic as the island itself.

The next turn of the sun, we hopped a boat to the island of Capeche, where the sand is pearl white and the water crystal blue. This was your typical small island where human meets nature. A racoon came down from the trees to keep me company while enjoying a caipirinha. What is a caipirinha? It's Brazil's drink and can be compared to a Mohito or Margarita. It is made of limes, sugar and either vodka, 51, or Cachaca. Cachaca is a rum made of sugar cane. We then spent New Year's eve on the beach watching fireworks and running into the ocean for the opening seconds of the new year. This very well was my best New Year's celebration. The following days were spent exploring the island and going to the city center of Florianopolis which has a small-town/San Diego feeling to it. The final night was spent enjoying time with the friends we met from Germany, Spain, Chile and Brazil playing music and enjoying the moment. Yes, we very well could have went to sleep before our return to Buenos Aires, yet where is the fun in that? It's amazing how much energy the people of South America have since they sleep so little compared to what our conditioning. They carry little pessimism and transform positive energy to those around them. However, these eyes are ready to shut in preparation for my five hours of teaching tomorrow. Back to work, yet I am looking forward to it, that's not right is it? I hope your New Year's celebration was full of good energy and spirits as well.

Buena Suerte in 2008!


William said...

I thought for sure I was gonna read about the infamous new year's makeout quest. Especially with all those exotic woman surrounding you. Well maybe I'm right on and you decided to leave out all the good details. haha Ya Brazil sounds better than Tahoe. A little warmer too...

Nick said...

ahhh, all things good to hear homie. Sounds like you're doing what you do best out there, livin it up. I'm happy for you. You mentioned in the last post that the past couple days have been confirmation that you made the right move to Argentina. Reading your posts gives me the same feeling. We dont get to talk as much as we did in SD, but I still think about what you're up to.
What are you gonna do for the nfl playoffs? Will you be able to watch them on TV? Any thoughts on your colts heading in? Its funny, the chargers probably had one of their worst seasons in the last few years, but will probably go farther in the playoffs than they have the last two seasons. I like their chances against the Titans at home.

How is the work coming along? Is it what you expected it to be?

Here's to a happy and successful 2008 homie! You better have you're goals written down already. Happy New Year!

jRags said...

Glad to hear you got a little bit of a vacation bud. I can only imagine how much fun it must have been to go to Brazil!

Glad your on my blog now, we will definitely have to keep one another updated!!

Emilee said...

Hey Robin! I just found your blog via your link on gmail. I love reading about your adventures! This will surely be a great thing to check on often! Stay happy and take care!

Rodrigo Lóssio said...

Hey Robin! Nice seeing you here, in your blog. I just bookmarked and we can keep in touch.

It was very nice meeting you and guys here, in Florianopolis. It´s a beautiful place the island that I live, isn´t it?

I hope you and your mother could come here in September, October. So we can show to her Florianopolis.

See you!